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Volunteers and Minors on Campus

The Office of Anti-Discrimination, Policy and Compliance is responsible for enforcing Duquesne University's policies regarding volunteers and minors for any university sponsored program on or off campus. This office accomplishes this by:

Ensuring compliance with federal laws, state laws, and University policies governing the protection of minors
Monitoring the process by which organizations may sponsor or participate in volunteer events or programs
or those programs or events that involve minors
Training university departments on these policies and their responsibilities of compliance.

Any questions about Duquesne University policy regarding volunteers or minors at university sponsored events, please contact the program coordinator, or the program sponsor. Students, faculty, and staff of Duquesne University who anticipate planning a program, or participating in an event that involves minors, or anyone who has questions about these policies should contact the compliance office at pwm@duq.edu or 412.396.2073.

Any Duquesne University students, faculty, and staff who are coordinating events involving minors or have questions about volunteers - please log on to DORI for more information regarding requirements and policies.

Protection of Minors
The Administrative Policy (TAP) 50: Protection of Minors: The office provides detailed procedures of the TAP and a simple step-by-step process to ensure University program coordinators have the tools and information they need to fully comply with University policies.

Training and Education
This office offers training and education in conjunction with other university offices to ensure campus understanding for the laws regarding the protection of minors. Contact the compliance director if you have any questions regarding training.

Forms for Parents
Parents will be asked to submit two completed forms to University program coordinators. Please select the following online forms. If you prefer a paper form, please contact the compliance director.
Parental Consent, Legal Release and Emergency Contacts (required) 
Photo and Image Permission (as necessary)

Duquesne University Volunteers Policy
The volunteer policy applies to any Duquesne University sponsored event involving volunteers on or off campus.

Volunteer Agreement Form
Anyone who is not affiliated with Duquesne University and is interested in volunteering for a Duquesne University sponsored event or program must complete a Volunteer Agreement. If you are in need of a paper form, please contact the compliance director at weavers2@duq.edu or 412.396.2560.